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.Design is a branding revolution!

For professional and aspiring designers, .design is the domain that matches exactly what you do and improves your branding. It looks great on resumes or business cards, and it looks professional when you use .design as part of your email address.
The domain is already in use by some of the world’s premier design departments and studios, such as spotify.design, and airbnb.design, where those teams share an inside look at their design work. Since there are so many different fields and practices of design, the .design domain links together a diverse, creative community from web and UX design to interior design and lighting design.

Introduced in May 12, 2015, more than 5,200 .design domains were registered on the first day of general availability.

Design has always been fundamental to the way people, companies and products present themselves, and since the elegance of the Apple revolution there has been a conscious embrace of how design is a lot more than just how a product or service looks, but a fundamental carrier of one's message. Beyond that, design is a 'horizontal-vertical', in that it is a broad term, but not generic like .web or .online. It touches on many clear vertical markets such as graphic design, interior design, lighting design, web design, fashion design and many more. These are all distinct markets whose survival depends on them being ahead of the curve and defining future trends — The Top Level Domain .design does just that!
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