The human life cycle is fairly predictable and should allow everyone to adequately plan for the various phases to come. Although one is aware for the pervasive risk of possible unexpected events, it should be a shared moral obligation to anticipate the life stages that could become a burden for others.

In my opinion, freedom means above all to be able to move freely and independently of any attachment to anyone. Years ago, after profound and significant moments in my life, I decided with all my might to slowly lead my business and professional interests into the retirement phase, in which I could hopefully have more time for my true passions.

In the past few decades, in addition to taking over the family business, I have gained a lot of professional experience in the IT sector, which has also given me long-term responsible recognition and activities for Microsoft in the web sector. Over the years I have developed and published many projects that have become important technical references in various areas.

I'm aware of their importance and value, so I decided to collect some and make them available to the market and anyone who can continue, develop and improve them.
 Riccardo Rausch